Saturday, December 29, 2012

equal ground

I once over heard something that was insitefull I attribute this to an unnamed coworker.
Driving a car and commenting on the Internet are the great equalizer of people.
People with what ever socioeconomic back ground can interact with each other for positive returns.

1. A driver can give way to a person signaling. Then the signaling person waves at you in gratitude.
The two may know nothing about each other, but that interaction of driving next to each other put them in a equal ground.

2. Any one can start a blog or can comment to a an existing blog.  This blog started from an idea that I should jot down my thoughts that could be useful to my self and for others in the future. (I forgot how to grow the connections on linkedin and referred back to it yesterday. Now I am at 379 connections.)

Today I found out about linkedin LIONS