Friday, February 22, 2013

25 things to do

Make a list of 25 things 
you want to experience before 
you die.  Carry it in your 
wallet and refer to it often.
1. Drive a truck 
2. Fly in a helicopter 
3. Learn about Calculus
4. Help people work better 
5. have a better life 
6. Fly in a glider plane 
7. Sky dive
8. go to the pyramids and see up close 
9. go to the 7 continents
10. go to the moon 
11 . see the earth from Geo stationary orbit with my own eyes
12. go to mars
13. build a robot 
14. provide quality products for free. 
15. gather all the data and information in a common location that any one can access. 
16. understand the meaning of my life 
17. Honor my father and my mother
18. Make basic education available for free to everyone. 
19. Understand the mystery of God. 
20. Make a better life for my family and for my friends. 
21. Leave the earth in a better condition than when I came. 
22. Work toward the ability of people to go to other star systems
23. Create unlimited funding for research and technical projects 
24. Leave a lasting legacy of inspiration for those that come after me
25. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven .