Friday, June 28, 2013

first american home warranty insurance

My AC went out last summer and the repair man said that I should get a home warranty, that way I will not have to pay 250 for the service just 60. 

I singed up for first american . 
my ac stopped working on June 2nd they sent a guy from North star mechanical who said it would cost me 180 to clean the coils in addition to the 60. 
So I had the coils cleaned. AC still did not cool so called First american and on June 6th North star mechanical put 3 pounds of freon. 

AC quit working again on the 21 Called first american they set up another apointment with North star but north star did not show up the next day even after they said they would come so on the 24th First american called another company Accelerated Mechanical Services The tech said it is a bad compressor $1800 offered to do the job cash since the insurance will take 10 to 14 days to get the part. 
Called First american the ordered the parts and it would take 10 to 14 days and they will not accelerate the process.  So I went to Home depot and got 2 window ac units at $370 to beat the 100 degree heat in my house. 
July 6 Accelerated mechanical put in a new Goodman 5 ton compressor my out of pocket was $260 in not covered charges.   July 7 th it stopped cooling again .   July 8 Accelerated mechanical came out to tell me the evaporator coil was leaking.  
July 15 no ac yet.  Called first american their purchasing dept still has not purchased the coil. 
after 3 calls I get a contact info for Angel  800-992-3400 option 2 ext 5552

 I wonder how many other people are angry because of the heat and a bad insurance products.